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What is negativity?

What’s negativeness?

negativityMost people seem to know what it is, we’re feeling it, many in their guts, some in their heart and soul, but really feel it, particularly whenever other people are negative. When it’s inside us, we feel despair, anxiety, worry, we have a sense of fear, or we tend to be unhappy, anxious, burdened, hyper, manic, frustrated, or just lethargic. We get sick from it.

We do not identify it as negativity on our own selves and that enables it to go uncontrolled, unmanaged, a thing that goes wrong with us and all we can do about this is grumble, have it, or take some drugs.

In the normal everyday life we don’t detect anything unique connected to what we imagine or say, because we are so mired in negativity, it’s normal. Our life is lived in quiet (or not so quiet) desperation, and that’s that.

We’re searching for a life-preserver (if we haven’t already resigned,)… to pull us out of the morass we find ourselves in.

The detrimental opinions we’re swimming in, is becoming much deeper and our life-force is becoming weaker.

OK, that is the snapshot, it’s precise as far as I can see from my own recollection coming from thousands of clients’ experiences over the years.

Is there a solution? Yes, there is.

Conscious a few methods that decrease the amount of negative thought processes, some are more efficient and effective than others, they’re affordable and I’ll write aboutthese in another post, but before I do that, there is a forewarning: there is a downside.

99% of your negative thought processes aren’t unrecognized by you as negativity.

But what the heck is NEGATIVITY?

The answer might sound straightforward, and the simple truth is equally straightforward: negative thoughts is something said, done, or felt that decreases aliveness, that decreases life, and boosts death. There isn’t any grey area: something is either life affirming or death enforcing.

A wonderful thinker, Robert Hartmann at one time declared that the best way to combat evil is to know evil thoroughly.

Read more about negativity and how to recognize it


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